General conditions

The provider of the website is the company Zupan d.o.o., Celestrina 3, 2229 Malečnik.

General terms and conditions of the website of ZUPAN d.o.o. are compiled in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP - 1) and the Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1)

The General Terms and Conditions determine the operation of the ZUPAN d.o.o. website, the rights and obligations of the user and regulate the business relationship between Zupan d.o.o. and site users.

Upon registration, the user undertakes to agree with all the provisions in the following general terms and conditions of use of online content Each time you log in to, you confirm that you agree with all the provisions and accept all the stated conditions of use. If you do not agree with the terms, you are not allowed to use the services and may not register.

1. Subject

The website enables the user to get acquainted with the products of ZUPAN d.o.o.'s own production. and company representation programs. In addition, it allows users to configure the product according to their own wishes, order a binding offer, register on the website, save various product configurations of Zupan d.o.o. and correspondence with Zupan d.o.o.

2. Types of users

The user of the website is anyone who visits the website. By visiting the website, the user becomes a guest, and with a confirmed registration, he becomes a member of the website. The visitor / guest can register at any time when visiting the site.

Upon registration, the user undertakes to accept the terms of business of the website and will act in accordance with them.

Upon registration as a member of, the user obtains a username and password. The username and password of the member of the website are unambiguously linked to the entered data.

Registration allows the user to get acquainted with the price of the configured product. By downloading, printing or requesting a binding offer, the data of browsing and using the configurator are forwarded to the holder of the website - Zupan d.o.o.

Membership in is intended for your own use. Registration of other persons is not allowed, for which you guarantee with full liability and assume passive legitimacy in case of dispute. It is not allowed to authorize or report other persons or redirect your user account in any other way. It is also not allowed to use the service for any illegal purposes.

The provider may, in its sole discretion, refuse to assign a username that indicates another person, is protected by trademark rights or other rights, is obscene and otherwise unacceptable.

The content provider reserves the right to restrict or terminate access to content to an individual password in case of suspected abuse.

3. Accessibility of the website

As a rule, the website is accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The provider reserves the right to short stops in accessing the website due to technical reasons of maintenance and replacement of equipment. Due to reasons related to maintenance, the provider reserves the right to longer suspensions of access to

4. Protection of personal data

Zupan d.o.o., undertakes to permanently protect all personal data of the user in accordance with ZVOP-1

Zupan d.o.o., keeps the following data of Zupan d.o.o. members for an indefinite period of time: name and surname, e-mail address, contact telephone number, primary address and delivery addresses, country of residence, time and date of registration and archive of communication with Zupan d.o.o.

Zupan d.o.o. will collect, store and otherwise process the said personal data exclusively for the following purposes:

managing the database of registered users
website administration
static research
notification of news in Zupan d.o.o.
periodic e-mail notifications of news
periodic notification by e-mail about the offer, benefits, special offers

Under no circumstances will the user's data be passed on to unauthorized persons.

The user is also responsible for the protection of personal data by ensuring the security of his e-mail address, username and password and the appropriate software (anti-virus) protection of his computer.

5. Communication

Zupan d.o.o. will contact the user via means of distance communication only if the user does not explicitly object to this, and in accordance with the provisions of ZEKom-1.

Advertising emails Zupan d.o.o. will contain the following ingredients:
They will be clearly and unambiguously marked as advertising messages
Various campaigns, promotions and special services

The desire of the user not to receive advertising messages will be Zupan d.o.o. explicitly respected.

6. Disclaimer

Zupan d.o.o. strives to the best of its ability to ensure that the information published on their websites is up-to-date and correct. Nevertheless, the properties of the items may change so quickly that Zupan d.o.o. fails to correct data on web pages.

7. Complaints and disputes

Zupan d.o.o. respects the generally applicable consumer protection legislation. Zupan d.o.o. endeavors to make every effort to fulfill its duty to ensure an effective complaint handling system.

In case of problems, the user can contact Zupan d.o.o. via e-mail The appeal procedure is confidential.

Zupan d.o.o. strives to the best of its ability to resolve any disputes amicably.