ZUPAN | General terms and conditions


ZUPAN d.o.o., Celestrina 3, 2229 Malečnik, Slovenija, T: +386 (0)2 471 60 50, 471 60 54, F: +386 (0)2 471 60 51  

General terms and conditions

The provider of the website www.zupan.si is the company Zupan Ltd., Celestrina 3, 2229 Malečnik.
The terms and conditions for the use of the website were prepared in accordance to Consumer protection Law (ZVPot) , to the Law on protection of personal data (PDPA - 1) and in the accordance to the electronic communications law ( ZEKom-1)
Terms of use of the Website Zupan.si determine rights and obligations of the user and determine the business relationship between the company Zupan Ltd. and users of the site.
Upon registration the user agrees with everything that is written Terms of use of the website Zupan.si. Everytime the user logs in to Zupan.si he/she agrees with terms and conditions and accepts conditions of use. If a user doesn’t agree with terms and conditions of use, then the use of Zupan.si is prohibited for him.

The website allows the user to familiarize with the products which are produced at ZUPAN Ltd and the products which the company represents on the Slovenian market. The company enables the user to make configurations of the products, offer order, registration on the website, saving different configurations of the products of the company and correspondence with ZUPAN Ltd.
The user of website is everyone who visits the website www.zupan.si. With visit of the website the user becomes guest, when registering the user becomes member of the website Zupan.si The user / guest can register anytime during the visit of the website.
When registering the user agrees with terms and conditions of use and will obey them.
When registering the member gets a username and password which are needed to log in to the website. The username and password definitely link with the data given when registering.
The registration enables the user to get information about the price of the products which where configured. When saving, printing or with appeal for an offer the data of browsing is sent to the provider of the website zupan.si - Zupan Ltd.
The membership in Zupan.si is purposed personally for the user. The registration of other persons is prohibited and in this case the user guarantees with full liability for damages and assume passive identification in the case of a dispute. It is not permitted to authorize or register others or otherwise redirect your account. It is also not permitted to use services for any unlawful purpose.
The provider can in its discretion refuse to assign the username that refers to another person is protected by legal rights of trademarks or other rights, or is obscene and unacceptable in another way.
The content provider reserves the right to modify the suspicion of abuse, restrict or suspend access to content Zupan.si to an individual password.
The website is generally accessible 24/7 365 days in a year. The provider reserves the right to short interruptions in access to the website Zupan.si in the case of technical problems, technical maintenance and hardware changes. In case of maintenance work the provider reserves the right for longer interruptions in access.
Zupan Ltd. commits to permanently protect all personal user data in accordance with the PDPA-1.
Zupan Ltd. Will indefinitely store the Zupan Ltd. Members data such as : name, surname, e-mail, address, country of residence, time and date of the registration and archive of communication with Zupan Ltd.
Zupan Ltd, will use this data exclusively for following purposes:
  • Managing the base of members
  • Administration of the website
  • Statical researches
  • Commercial messaging about novelties
  • Occasional informing about novelties, news
  • Occasional informing about special offers
Member’s data won’t be shared with third parties in any case.
The members are also responsible for personal data protection by making sure their e-mail address, username and password are safe and their computer has an adequate software protection (antivirus)

Zupan Ltd. will get into contact with the user unless the user expressly opposes against it, in accordance with ZEK – 1.
Commercial e-mails of company will include following elements.
  • They will be expressly marked as commercial messages
  • They will include special offers
  • The provider will take in consideration the request for not receiving commercial messages.
Zupan Ltd. will always strive to assure promptness and correctness of all data shown on the website.  Nevertheless it could happen that the properties of the products change so quickly that the provider isn’t capable to change the data on the website.

Zupan Ltd. respects the generally applicable legislation about consumer protection and strives to fulfill their duty of providing effective complaint management system.
In case of problems the user can contact Zupan Ltd. through email address: zupan.maribor@siol.net
The procedure of complaint management is confidential
Zupan Ltd. It will make its best endeavors to resolve any disputes amicably.