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Use of cookies

Our website uses cookies. These are small files that often consist of a unique string of numbers and letters. The cookie itself does not collect information, but if it is read by the server together with the browser, it can help the website to make you more user-friendly and better - so that we can recognize you when you return to our website and upload them to your computer. This allows the website to remember some of your decisions, such as how you want to rank search results, which language you set, and so on.

The cookie we send you can only be read by our server, and we do not pass on the data collected with the help of cookies to third parties and we protect them in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

We use the following cookies on the website

1. Piškotki za shranjevanje vaših prednostnih izbir in nastavitev​
Cookies to store your preferences and settings - these are settings such as. method of content classification, language, etc.

Cookie name Purpose Cookie time Company
cookie_consent Cookies /

2. Cookies for analytical purposes
Cookies for analytical purposes provide information on how our users use the website, determine where to place which content, which steps need to be optimized, etc., which ensures that we can only improve the performance of the site.

Cookie name Purpose Cookie time Company
_ga Website viewing statistics 2 years Google Analytics Google loads 3 cookies when displaying a google map 2 years Google

Cookie control

The storage of cookies is under your complete control, as you can restrict or disable the storage of cookies in the browser you use.

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