spraying season4
17. 03. 2023
Preparing the sprayer for the new season

In order to enter the new spraying season without complications, we advise you to inspect your sprayer well before first …

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16. 05. 2022
Zupan d.o.o. digital transformation

As part of the digital transformation project, the Zupan company renovated the website with a configurator and upgraded and edited …

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11. 05. 2022
Redesigned configurator

In cooperation with Studio Mazzini, we have renovated the Zupan configurator. From now on, it is available with an updated …

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Zupan Agroshop
01. 05. 2022
Facebook ZUPAN Agroshop

On the Facebook page we added a new channel ZUPANAgroshop

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14. 05. 2018
Internationalisation through e-commerce

With the help of the tender, we updated and expanded our online store with a B2B module, added more languages …

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