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Preparing the sprayer for the new season

In order to enter the new spraying season without complications, we advise you to inspect your sprayer well before first use.

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We've put together short instructions in five steps for you to quickly, easily and efficiently review all the most important parts of your sprayer:

  1. Inspect the suction and pressure filter. Clean them to remove any impurities. If necessary, replace them. You can find the filter spare parts on our online store: the SPRAYING tab under the sales program. Then, on the left, side select the EQUIPMENT FOR SPRAYERS. By clicking on your suction filter (see picture), you will be shown to buy a new one. If you only need a spare part for him, you have a blue-green spare part icone in the right corner. By clicking on this character, you will see a sketch of the filter and all its components, with prices and visible stock.
  2. Inspect the pump and regulator - check that there are no leaks in the system and that the pump and regulator are providing the desired amount of flow. If you are interested in spare parts for the pump - you can also find them in our online store: Choose SPRAYING, then the PUMPS AND REGULATORS tab. Select your pump or regulator. Select the blue-green sign SPARE PARTS in the lower right corner. By clicking on the sketch, the sketch will be enlarged. On the right side you have buttons + and –, with which you can enlarge or reduce the sketch. By clicking on the desired number, you will see the part. If this is the part you are looking for, you can add it to your cart. Otherwise, continue searching.
  3. Perform Nozzle Calibration - Perform a physical test of the nozzles to ensure they are not worn which could cause incorrect spray or spray results. Replace nozzles if necessary. How to choose the right nozzles for my orchard or vineyard? Nothing easier. Find a NOZZLE CONSULTANT on the website Choose the culture you are dealing with. If you want new nozzles and you are not sure which one, choose the first step: WHICH NOZZLE IS OPTIMAL ACCORDING TO THE PARAMETERS. If you have different nozzles on the sprayer, choose: I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE CONSUMPTION PER HECTARE FOR A COMBINATION OF DIFFERENT NOZZLES. If you have nozzles and want to check your consumption, select: I HAVE NOZZLES, I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THEIR CONSUMPTION PER HECTARE.
  4. Check the operation of the pressure gauge. After winter storage, the pressure gauge must be reinstalled. The pressure gauge is a key component for the regulation, so check its operation, especially pay attention that the pointer is stationary. Otherwise, we recommend buying a new one.
  5. There are several lubricating points on your sprayer that require your attention. An overview of these points can be found in the operating instructions.

If you have any questions about preparing the sprayer for the new season, please contact nearest dealer. Our repairers will be happy to assist and advise you. Where is closest representative you can look at:

If you are interested in any other spare part for your sprayer, you can on chose SPARE PARTS OF MACHINES ZUPAN. A new window will open where you can select your machine and type your serial number of the machine. All the machine components of your sprayer will be shown to you.

In the new spraying season we wish you a safe job and as good a harvest as possible.

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Preparing the sprayer for the new season

In order to enter the new spraying season without complications, we advise you to inspect …

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